At Davenport Oxley, we are client-centric, specialising in commercial, technical, professional, mid-level and senior management appointments. Our Consultants and Researchers apply their industry specific-knowledge and expertise to analyse each client’s needs, culture and ensure we deliver the right talented individual with the right skills at the right time.


We work across the board, from early stage start-ups, SMEs to large, global enterprises in the UK and globally. Our strength is in our ability to execute difficult and hard-to-fill searches with relative ease and some of our clients see us as less of an external recruitment partner and more of an extension of their in-house recruitment team.


We take pride that we conduct our business with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and discretion. Davenport Oxley delivers the very best talents globally through trusted established and evolving networks. We are agile and flexible to the needs of our individual clients, by offering innovative and bespoke talent acquisition solutions.


Interim & Contract


For most clients, temporary, contract and interim roles can represent a pragmatic solution to a range of critical short-term to long-term contract requirements. Our team at Davenport Oxley can work with clients to provide skilled admin, technical, professional, mid-level and senior executive interim managers for temporary replacement, special projects and Mergers & Acquisitions.


Our Consultants apply their industry specific-knowledge and expertise to analyse each client’s needs, culture and ensure we deliver the right individual with the right skills at the right time. All of our candidates are pre-screened, vetted and meet all legal requirements.


Contingency Recruitment


We deliver permanent placement recruitment for commercial, technical, professional and senior management level positions in our specialist industry sectors. Our standard approach is through database search, global networks and basic search.


We interview potential candidates in person to evaluate their experience, personality, aspirations and values. We also conduct comprehensive reference checks to get another perspective on the candidate’s qualifications and approach to work. Upon the client making a decision on a candidate, we manage the negotiations of salary and start date to ensure a smooth and quick placement. Fees for permanent/contingent searches are based on successful placement of a candidate.


Executive Search


Davenport Oxley invests time and energy into getting to know the client before starting any executive search mandate. This is critical to understand our client’s culture, structure, strategy, and future goals, so we can place the most suitable and talented individual at the end of each search mandate.


Executive Search (Retained search) is when a client commits to working with Davenport Oxley on exclusive basis until the mandate is completed. With retained search a portion of the total fee is paid up front, the second portion upon provision of shortlisted candidates and the balance is paid upon completion. This approach is typically leveraged with hires in executive management level or when a firm is interested in maintaining a level of anonymity in their hiring plans and this search process should be used for hard-to-fill positions.


To find out more about our recruitment services or to request a meeting with one of our Consultants, please email enquiries@davenportoxley.com or contact us.